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“Over the years I have always helped family or friend teachers who reached out for supplies – too often they have to reach into their own pockets to pay for what their classrooms need. Now, as the owner of a warehousing and shipping business, I’m able to help even more teachers by receiving and storing donated supplies. Teachers Teammates is making our beloved DELCO stronger, smarter, and prouder (if that is even possible).”

Joe Teodoro is a lifelong Delaware County resident, born and raised in the Briarcliffe section of Darby Township. He spent 28 years as a jeweler in Delco working at Inside Jeweler, which often provided donations for school fundraisers.  Working in the community helped Joe meet many teachers and administrators from all the area schools and develop an understanding of their needs. In 2013, Joe started Total Fulfillment Services, a boutique-style fulfillment center that has now grown to 22,000 square feet and 11 employees and helped start-up companies and entrepreneurs find success in the internet shipping business. In his spare time, Joe likes to go to Wildwood Crest, N.J., to relax with family and enjoy the beach.

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