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“I believe we are all responsible for all of our children’s education. It makes no sense to me for products in good condition to be thrown away or forgotten in storage when there are so many needs in schools, especially when the disparity in resources between communities is so great.”

Founder and Teachers’ Teammates’ enthusiast. She’s has experience as a Community Organizer, Social Worker, Administrator and as a small business owner.

Raelyn was impressed when she learned about a national network of teacher resource centers but surprised to learn there was not one located in southeast PA. The positive responses Raelyn received from the many people who she spoke to about the concept, convinced her that Delaware County was ready to pool their resources to support teachers and students in this particular way.

Raelyn is acutely aware that many things in perfectly good condition (sometimes brand new) are thrown away. Most people would rather see these items be put to good use but have no convenient way of getting them to the appropriate recipient. Teachers’ Teammates provides a solution to that dilemma relative to items that can be suitably used by educators and students.

Raelyn is an active member of Overbrook Presbyterian Church which has supported working toward justice and parity in education.

Raelyn grew up in Buffalo, NY and moved to Philadelphia in 1979 to attend Temple University and earn her Master of Social Work degree. She and her husband, Gopal Subramanian have lived in Havertown since 2000 with their two children, Peter (25) and Maya (21).

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