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Teachers Teammates’ Online Freestore went live on February 1, 2021. Since then, we have filled 460 orders placed by 220 teachers in 32 schools valued at $288,404*!!!
To celebrate and thanks to donors on Giving Tuesday, the first 22 teachers who register in February 2022 will have their membership extended an additional year at no extra cost – 2 years for 1!!!
Orders average $700 in value so that is $5,600 in value of supplies for $35!!!

We thank the many people and organizations that have supported teachers and students in Delaware County by making in-kind and monetary donations! You are helping to fill the resource gap and providing support throughout the year. Donations to Teachers’ Teammates serve many purposes: They reduce waste and demonstrate good stewardship of resources while investing in our children. Teachers’ Teammates is proud to bring together many segments of our community – business, local organizations, faith communities, elders, young people, public servants – to meet the needs of our schools
* In addition to the items available in the online store, TT’s has distributed more than $235,000 in hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other supplies throughout 55 Delaware County schools.

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