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Thank you CHOP!!!

Jun 28, 2021Donations

Thank you Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the grant that covered the cost of purchasing 3,828 earbuds and earphones – an atypical school supply needed this past year.

Here is what some of the students, a principal and teacher had to say about their new earbuds/earphones.

The kids were VERY excited. Here are some direct quotes. -Teacher R.R.

“I am so excited to have earbuds so I can focus on my computer only. I was getting distracted by everyone else’s sound. Thank you!” – William, age 8

“Having earbuds is the best! I can hear so great. Please tell CHOP I said, ‘Thank you! I hope good things happen to you!’” – Eugene, age 9

“These earbuds are awesome! Thank you for helping me focus!” -Neymar, age 8

“The earbuds made me feel happy. I like to listen to books on Epic. Thank you for making me feel happy!” -Eliza, age 9

“I like the earbuds because they are from CHOP. They help people and they helped me.” – Isabella, age 8

From School Principal, LH, “Virtual learning had challenges, but providing students with earbuds/earphones really helped to minimize distractions in the home or at day care so students could concentrate. We also made earbuds/earphones available to students if they were participating in counseling sessions so we could protect the privacy of all members of the group. Thank you so much for donating these much needed supplies.”

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