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I’m a strong supporter of public school education, and it breaks my heart to see the vast disparities in resources among districts, even within districts. Far too many teachers are reaching repeatedly into their own pockets for basic, essential supplies. Teachers’ Teammates creates an opportunity for us to fill the gaps with donated and surplus supplies and goods that might otherwise go unused, or worse, thrown away. Teachers’ Teammates empowers the community to be supportive partners in the education of our children by filling teacher needs. I am proud to offer my help.”

Karen is the mom of two high school students and the daughter and sister of public school educators. She works as a strategic communications consultant, helping public and private companies, non-profit organizations and individuals to better tell their stories and position themselves for success. Karen joined Mercury Public Affairs in April 2019 after a more than 25-year career as a reporter, editor and national manager at The Associated Press.

Karen loves to bake and share food and fellowship with friends. She has served as an elder of her church and has sold countless snacks at high school sports concession stands. She also loves to exercise, especially spin classes at the Haverford Y. Karen is a native of Georgetown, Massachusetts, and earned dual degrees in Spanish and journalism from Syracuse University. She lives with her family in Wynnewood.

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