About Us

Supplying Teachers and Students With the Tools They Need

Who Are We?

Teachers’ Teammates is a nonprofit built by people in the field of education and residents of Delaware County who recognize that teachers must reach deep into their own wallets far too often to buy the basic supplies their classrooms need.

Our mission is to ensure all K-12 teaches and students in Delaware County, PA, have the resources to thrive in their education.

We believe teachers do not teach in a vacuum. They should know they have the support of families and the community at large. We are all responsible for our children’s education.

Learn more about our Board of Directors and Community Partners.

Who We Serve

Teachers’ Teammates distributes free supplies to teachers in Delaware County.

We are a young organization founded in 2020. We are working hard to extend our reach as fast as we can.

Currently, teachers can participate by invitation only. We don’t want to over-promise a resource to teachers when we are not yet operating at full capacity. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Our ultimate goal is to offer the resource to ALL teachers in Delco, which totals approximately 7,000 educators.


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